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If I had one wish..

If I had one wish, I would wish that the emotion Love never ever existed. Love hurts you emotionally, then it intertwines with your mentality, and then in time it affects you physically. I wish I’ve never loved, I wish I never made memories. I want to go back as a kid and forget the idea of relationships and finding the one. Ever since gr8. I wish I could go into a comma and forget every memory I had from gr8 to the beginning of this year’s  summer. Erase it all. Its haunting me. Hurting me. Affecting me. Please.


What do you all think of the new iOS?

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If Scorpio was a genre…


If Pisces was a genre….


If Aquarius was a genre….

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Lil Lu is a 13 year old beagle who has beat the odds so far.  Over 8 months ago he was alone in a cage with a rescue, his prognosis supposedly that he would die in 2 months because he was old and had Cushings.  This poor little guy was losing his sight, limping around, and had been dumped out of a car by his previous owners, likely because they just didn’t feel like or couldn’t afford taking care of him anymore.   His new owner simply wanted to give him a “real home” to spend his last couple months in, but instead he is thriving!  He has warmed up, become affectionate and has bonded with his two beagle siblings.   Lil Lu simply needs a small surgery to remove a root (left behind from a tooth falling out) that is infected and painful.  Please consider helping Lil Lu by donating or sharing him so that he can get the care he needs! 

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Help out EVERY pet we post with a simple reblog - you’d be amazed how fast that catches on and helps get the donations these babies need :)

Bailey is an active, playful 8 year old beagle who started limping a couple months ago.  After a trip to the vet, it was determined she has a floating knee cap.  While it doesn’t cause her any pain, it does prevent her from running and playing like she is used to, because she can’t put much pressure on the knee.  Bailey’s owner has 4 rescue animals that all have different health problems and she is trying to give them all the life they deserve, but she needs some help to get Bailey’s surgery.  Please consider sharing and pitching in for this lovely beagle who has a lot of life ahead of her!

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I love you…. ♡ ~Tosh #foxhoundlove #foxhounds #hounddogs #dogs #bedtime